Film 2010: A Little Pond


The film, A Little Pond, is made based on the true story of the “No-Gun-Ri massacre” during the Korean War.

In July 26-29, 1950, about 400 South Korean civilians were killed in the village by soldiers of the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment during the Korean War. Those shot were refugees trying to escape advancing North Korean forces by crossing U.S. military lines. The U.S. soldiers, under the command of General Hobert R. Gay, feared that North Korean soldiers in disguise might be among the refugees. (

Some of the video contents are translated below:

<interview on the street>

Q: Have you heard of the No Gun Ri incident?

A: No Gun Ri? a murder incident? …something that happened in a countryside..?

…The number of bullets used in three days in No Gun Ri was 120,000, and the weight of them is in total 2650kg..

…These bullets were shot through the bodies of about 500 hundreds people in No Gun Ri…

…The estimated number of death is 400…

<The survivors from the incident>

-Ms. Yang: I have lost one of my eyes at that time.

I never look at a mirror because of my face.

-Mr. Chung: half of my face was gone because of the incident.

Since then I’m always reluctant to go outside of my house.

…people have sent letters to President Clinton and President Kim Young-sam..

Yet people who have survived from the incident and family members of the deaths were not able to receive any compensation from the government.

So a number of people decided to make this incident into a movie.

Yet, persuading survivors to provide testimonies for the film was uneasy.

It was also challenging to raise funds from the investors because everyone knows that this film will not be profitable.

It took us 8 years to finish the film. 8 years..

But we never gave up in the hope that by this film,  such a tragic history as No Gun Ri would never be repeated again….

** Note: you can donate 1만원 (9-10$) and place your name under ‘the contributors’ on A Little Pond website and at the end of the film. Please visit

** You can also visit the website of No Gun Ri incident:

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