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Film 2010: A Little Pond

April 16, 2010

The film, A Little Pond, is made based on the true story of the “No-Gun-Ri massacre” during the Korean War.

In July 26-29, 1950, about 400 South Korean civilians were killed in the village by soldiers of the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment during the Korean War. Those shot were refugees trying to escape advancing North Korean forces by crossing U.S. military lines. The U.S. soldiers, under the command of General Hobert R. Gay, feared that North Korean soldiers in disguise might be among the refugees. (


13 Weeks until 6.25 Commemoration

March 26, 2010

Today, we would like to draw your attention to the issue of separated families in Korea (Ee-san-ga-jok).

There are over 10 million Koreans who have their family members on the other side of Korea.


U.S. Considers Signing Peace Treaty

March 12, 2010

On February 26, the U.S. envoy Stephen Bosworth said that the United States is willing to sign peace treaty, normalize diplomatic relations, and initiate work on other matters of the September 2005 Statement to make political and economic concessions, if North Korea resumes the Six-party talks especially over the issue of denuclearization.

“The first and foremost among those is, of course, denuclearization, but we also recognize that it will be important to begin discussions on questions regarding a peace treaty, establishment of diplomatic relations (Between the United States and North Korea) and the issues of economic and energy assistance to North Korea,” said Bosworth,  just before departing Korea on Friday.

Emphasizing North Korea’s nuclear deproliferation as the highest priority of discussion, Bosworth anticipated that the Six-party talk will eventually resume in near future. The Six-party talks have stalled since 2007 due to unresolved disputes over the issue of North Korea’s nuclear and missile testings.

The China View

The United States’ proposal of such a policy-trading type of negotiation—the normalization of the US-DPRK relations for denuclearization—with North Korea is in effect not an eye-opening event for it has always been on the table since 2003, yet this year, we once again hope for an actual achievement of some agreed framework through peaceful cooperation.

Learn more about North Korea nuclear program and the DPRK : “Timeline: North Korea” (BBC News)